Tuesday, January 11, 2005
Looks who's back and might be on here more often!

So yeah, here I am again, another update, kick ass! I love this thing, but no one else uses it where I live so it kind of sucks, also anyone is able to leave me a comment nammed penis or some shit, so whatever, fuck them, cuz' I like this better then Xanga. Though, I will use Xanga more :/. Tommarow is weds and I get to see Megan, yay! :D I love you so much Megan.

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Tuesday, July 06, 2004
Yeah boy.

Yeah dude, Megan is in NY, will be for a while, so i'm not seeing her for a while...ungh. lol. I need to start working with this blog more often, I do like it better then Xanga, belive it or not. I hate this thumb shit lol. Annoys the hell out of me not having it and Megan pulling on it all the time. I went to 2 Partys and both were elite. lol. Fireworks <3. I love rollercoasters though.
I miss you Meg-an.

I love you so much Megan.

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